Call of the hour

Being active members of the society, we all have certain roles to play: these roles if played actively and rightly can bring positive changes for sure and vice versa. At this point, a question arises; ‘Are we playing our roles appropriately?’ If we do, then why this society is not a reflection of our right deeds?

Definitely, we all lack something in our behaviours; something that can help us emerge as more responsible and reasonable members of the society that we live in. Take the example of traffic. Are we following the traffic rules? Are we fulfilling the duties that we owe? Cleanliness is half the religion. In this regard, we need to keep our homes tidy and clean only; forget the roads and the streets that we make filthy; a general perception held by a layman.

Blame-game to us, is an easy and reliable escape; blame others for all the wrong-happenings and get free easily. The ordinary man blames the government for his sufferings and simply negates the part that he’s supposed to play. We proudly call ourselves one nation but really, are we? Religious, cultural, tribal, provincial, class, caste and creedal divisions are strangling us to the point where we have zero tolerance for the others’ opinions.

All in all, our society demands drastic transformation and a huge revolution. While this revolution has to come from within. Without changing our mind sets and perceptions, bringing an obvious and vivid change is quite improbable. Individuals formulate nations. At one point, if individuals start thinking on one pattern, in one direction, they can definitely bring wonders.

No doubt, not even villages and small cities but also our big cities are an obvious prey to hundreds of unending problems: we got to own this country as our beloved country needs the sincere versions of its citizens to strengthen it and make it the country that our forefathers fought for.

The Author Saima Munir is an English Teacher at Siddique Public School Rawalpindi.

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